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Door Access


BYOD- Bring Your Own Device- is on the rise. Around 70% of employees are using personal devices at work, making smartphones a handy replacement for the traditional lock & key. Research shows that 87% of businesses are actually dependent on their employees’ ability to access mobile apps on their smartphone. Thus, for many clients, a mobile phone reader makes sense. It is a convenient and efficient door access system for both employees and for those who manage issuing credentials. 

Commercial Door Access Control Systems

Our leading door access control systems for businesses help you protect your assets and create a safe environment for your staff and visitors. Regulate who comes in and out of your building; ensure internal restricted areas remain off-limits to unauthorized personnel. Need to keep documents or materials highly secure? We offer solutions to secure cabinets with an audit trail. With SAH you’ll get the latest technology our industry offers with stellar 24/7 support. From small business to enterprise level systems, we provide commercial security solutions that offer off-site control, real-time situational awareness, and emergency lockdown abilities in mere seconds.

Looking for Cloud-Based Access Control?

Maintain your building security from… anywhere. Cloud-based door access systems from SAH are reliable, scalable, and provide a great deal of flexibility. You can remotely update access privileges and maintain your system. Many businesses find cloud-based systems to be more affordable and better suited when managing multiple locations. The best part? We offer a variety of cloud-based solutions and our experts will design the system that best suits your needs. Want to add another layer of security? We also provide commercial security monitoring services.

Which Door Access Control Solution is Right for You?

The good news is that door access control system options are almost endless. The bad news is that those endless options can be overwhelming. That’s why our customers rely on our 30+ years of experience and expertise to design the right solution based on their budget and their needs. SAH offers a wide array of readers that allow credentialed persons to gain entrance by:



Utmost Security: Biometric and Facial Recognition

No keys, no cards, no fobs… just faces and fingerprints. Facial recognition capabilities have grown exponentially over the past few years. In fact, you may have used it today to unlock your smartphone. Law enforcement has been using facial recognition for quite some time, and in 2011 it was used to confirm the identity of Osama Bin Laden. 

Our facial recognition access control systems use biometrics to map facial features and verify identity by matching them to images saved on file. Thus, someone can walk up to an entrance, look at the facial recognition reader, and the door would automatically open if they are approved to be on premise. The same process works for scanning palm prints and eyes. When considering investing in a biometric door access system, it is important to keep in mind the number of doors, buildings, personnel, and, of course, your budget. 

Many commercial property owners rely on door access control systems and surveillance cameras to ensure people and property are protected. SAH has a variety of options for indoor and outdoor cameras and video management systems. Click here to learn more about surveillance options for your organization. 

What Access Control System is Right for You?

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