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Residential Video Surveillance

Looking for the Best Video Surveillance System for Your Home?

With the wide variety of residential video surveillance cameras and systems available today, how do you know the best solution for your home?  You rely on the experts at SAH to design and install the code-compliant system that suits your needs and your budget. For over 30 years, SAH has been your local go-to company for home safety and security.






Residential Video Surveillance Systems offer protection and peace of mind. Have children coming home on their own after school? You can watch them come through the door and know who is with them. Going on vacation? Keep an eye on your home from anywhere in the world.

Top 9 Surveillance Solution Features Requested by Home Owners

• Indoor & Outdoor Cameras
• Wireless & Hard-Wired Options
• Low Light & Night Vision
• High-Definition Video Quality
• Motion Detection
• Alerts & Notifications
• Two-Way Audio
• Live-streaming for Real-time
Situational Awareness
• Mobile Control with Smart
Phones or Tablets

A Smart Home is a Smart Investment

When it comes to protecting your home and loved ones, safety and peace of mind are truly priceless. Sometimes an alarm system is not enough. Get more comprehensive security with video surveillance cameras and other integrated connected systems that control lights, locks, temperature, and even your garage doors. Want 24/7 video recording? We offer cloud storage solutions to save recordings for you, and even the police, to watch later.

Interested in a Residential Video Surveillance System for your home?

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Do you have a high security location? Get an even higher level of security with our Video Verified Monitoring Service. We’ll provide you with a true picture of an emergency event happening at your home. Get next level verification to a true alarm condition at your residence with SAH’s reliable Video Verified Monitoring Service.

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